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ILHC - International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC

Be irresistible. Improvise. Let it swing — or, better say, lindy hop.

The key to Lindy Hop is unpredictability. No one should ever know your next step, sometimes even your partner. Just don't end up at electro dance, and you're in the lead.

...This advice is probably relevant for amateur Lindy Hop dancers that are thousands around the world. But if you dare to apply for ILHC, then you are probably skillful enough to know how make it swing. Following the steps of Norma "the Queen of Swing" Miller, top dancers from various countries gather every year in Washington, DC for the greatest Lindy Hop competition. Live music, two dozens of divisions (Classic, Showcase, Lindy Hop Strictly, Juniors, etc.), workshops and money prize — that's what ILHC is about. It's prestigious, it's socializing, it's warm. That is why it is loved.

All events of ILHC take place at the luxurious Marriott Crystal Gateway. Rooms for attendees will be reserved there, too.

ILHC normally takes place in August; in 2019, however, it's scheduled for November 29th-Dec. 2nd, 2019 as timed to Norma Miller's 100th (!!!) anniversary.


What:        ILHC

Where:     Marriott Crystal Gateway: 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202


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