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Neoclassical music festival NEOCLASSICFEST

The NEOCLASSICFEST2020 neoclassical music festival, bringing together performers from all over Russia, will take place this year on 5 July at Roof Place – St Petersburg’s biggest rooftop music venue, offering stunning views over the Gulf of Finland.

With more than one thousand spectators attending the event in August 2019, NEOCLASSICFEST, now in its second year, offers live performances from the genre’s leading composers, including:
– Igor Zalivalov, a composer writing music for numerous dramas, musical theatre and TV projects, including, since 2016, the “Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails)” show;
– Sophia Bridge, the composer behind the “Classics in the Dark” multimedia project, enjoying a successful run under the world’s biggest largest projection dome at Planetarium 1;
– Olga Maximova, a composer, innovator and breakthrough artist on the electric harp, the creative force behind numerous performances, the composer for Roman Kaganovich's play Yura (a Golden Mask Award long-list nominee), and a trailblazer in opening up St Petersburg’s rooftops as concert venues;
– Pavel Andreev, instigator of the Grand Piano Freedom project, gathering more than 2,000 spectators at Ruskeala Canyon (Karelia) every year;
and many more.

Famous artists will be sharing the stage with the winners of qualifying rounds, all of them selected through online voting, by festivalgoers themselves.

“Neoclassical is more than holding its own against the pop scene. More and more people, every year, are making the move to better-quality, more intellectually challenging music – something that’s fast becoming a trend.”

Olga Maximova, composer and electric-harpist.

We look forward to seeing you on 5 July 2020, at NEOCLASSICFEST 2020.

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