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Jazz Concerts in Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Be free of prejudice and soak up the unique jazz atmosphere in this out-the-road venue.

First of all, there indeed were arcade machines in the USSR. Unbelievable though it may seem, but back in the 1960-70-80-s Soviet people did play table soccer, driving simulators and even pre-video games. The coolest of all was, all in all, not even a game but a soda water vending machine. They were merely everywhere, and buying themselves a glass of cold gas water with/without syrup was the experience that time teenagers would remember over and over again.

Anyway, even if we take for granted that there IS what to put in a place called "Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines", it is still hard to imagine any connection of jazz music and the USSR. Bearing in mind censorship and all the witch hunt the era is known for. Yet there were jazz musicians in the Soviet country, and they did have their chances to be heard and not be persecuted. The top stars were, for instance, Georgy Garanian, Anatoly Kroll, Yury Saulsky.

So, the idea to marry jazz music with Soviet-style interior doesn't seem too crazy anymore, does it?

Besides, the concerts here are truly special. You will not hear annoying "hits" - leave them for bigger venues. The musicians are given absolute freedom of program, so that here is a full variety of styles and instruments for you. The only suggestion for the the artists is to be sincere and to play your heart out.

Here, in this ascetic hall with brick walls (those create magical acoustics, by the way), you are going to soak up the jazz-bar atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone and is ready to float in the soft waves of vocals and tune. Except you are not sitting at tables but in rows. But you can have a glass of wine in the bar, so the difference gonna be vague.

While waiting for the gig to start and during the intermission you can play some arcade games. At the entrance you will be given 5 complimentary tokens, and if you want more, you can always buy some. But be careful, it's like a drug! Try to remember about the music - cause it's worth it.


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