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Restaurants in New York City

New York is undoubtedly flooded with restaurants and cafés of all types. They vary in cuisine — from traditional American hamburger, barbecue, and apple pie (for a dessert) — to French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Russian, Pan-Asiatic food and so on and so forth.

One can always find something within his/her means — be it a fast food eatery or any place for casual dining, an intimate café for the first date or a luxurious Michelin-starred restaurant.

We will be your guide in the complex world of New York eating. No borough will hide from our eye: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island — you can have a snack anywhere. You can search by neighborhood, too. Chinatown, Long Island, Soho, Chelsea, East & West Side, Gramercy, Harlem... Let's stop here, or we'll never end. 

As for the events — last but not least! — our menu is exTensive. Restaurant weeks, dinner cruises, food festivals, chef competitions — activity for any taste.

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