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Track 61 in New York City

A secret platform in the depths of Grand Central Terminal used by presidents and other very important persons.

Just beneath the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel there is a train track few people know about. It is hidden in the depths of Grand Central Terminal and leads to a top-secret platform that has never been used by ordinary passengers. 

The most special guests of the hotel were granted a privilege to enter the building... right in their train car. There was a private railway siding called Track 61 that led right towards the basement of Waldorf Astoria Hotel. People say that President Franklin D. Roosevelt used this way quite frequently: he didn't want to be publicly seen as he was a paraplegic from having contracted polio. But how could a several thousand pound train car plus an armoured President's limo get inside the hotel? 

It was a special freight elevator that carried the precious cargo to the lobby or right to the suites. A true VIP service, isn't it? Somebody believes that the secret platform is still used by those-who-must-not-be-named (and seen). Moreover, Track 61 is rumoured to be an escape route should the president ever have to leave New York in an emergency. True or not, it is still one of the most mysterious places in New York City - unfortunately out of access.

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