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The Beekman in Manhattan, New York City

An abandoned palace that suddenly got a second chance.

A nine-stored Victorian-style building on 5 Beekman Street has been a hidden architectural treasure for nearly a decade. Opened in 1883 under the name of Temple Court as one of Manhattan’s first skyscrapers, it was house for offices and other institutions. Later on, its space was rented out. Gradually the building was losing its tenants, with the last one moving out in 2001. 

The skyscraper was closed and forgotten - till 2010 when it suddenly drew attention of urban explorers and photographers. The gorgeous glass atrium, boarded up with sheets of wood due to firecode violations since 1940, came then to light and stole all New Yorkers' hearts. In 2012, a fashion house Maison Margiela threw an epic party on 5 Beekman Street. That's when the building got its second chance.

Everybody realised that it was too good to be just a photo spot and waited for the one to dare. Developers came in 2013 and bought the property for $86 million. Then came restoration... and reconstruction into a hotel. A really luxury hotel.

Nowadays VIP-guests can stroll in a spacious lobby, enjoy skylight and cityviews in the brilliant of an atrium and stay in one of two three-stored penthouses placed in pyramid-roofed towers. If the stay is beyond your budget, you can still gaze at the building's outstanding facade which was designated a New York City Landmark in 1998.

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