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Street Art in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City

A never-ending story of making the reality a bit more colorful.

Is graffiti true art or pure vandalism? You decide. But before go visit the Street Art Kingdom placed in Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Maybe that would affect your opinion.

Bright murals, painted vehicles and clever ads are countless there. The area is constantly being covered with new images created by different crews, the Bushwick Collective being the most famous and influential one among them. Apart from crews there are also independent artists who tend to hide or camouflage their works (so never wonder if you come across a face or a cat painted on a sidewalk).

It all started in 2012, when Joseph Ficalora, a native of Bushwick, decided to "redecorate" the once dirty and rough neighborhood. He wanted to rewrite his own childhood memories as back in 1991 his father was killed right there for a few dollars in his wallet and the gold chain he had around his neck. So Joe called artists from around the world, and Bushwick became their canvas. 

Nowadays talented graffitists spray-can in Bushwick all year round, but the main time of painting is at the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party. It’s held on a Saturday in the month of June and is free. As for the topics, there are almost no restrictions. The only rules are: no offense to children, women and local businesses. Most works disappear after 12 months to be replaced by another piece of art. It is a never-ending story that makes reality a lot more colorful and bright.

To see all the murals it might take you about 2 or 3 hours. There are walking tours offered, but you can surely explore the area by yourself, of course for free and 24/7.

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