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Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island, New York City

A former dump, Socrates is currently a hotspot for young artists and their sometimes bizarre projects.

Of course, it's not Socrates high above, it's Buddha. Socrates (the name is in fact a tribute to place's Greek heritage) is a shelter for dozens of eccentric art installations. They came up not long ago: back in the 80s there was a pure dump. Thanks to local sculptor Mark di Suvero, the area started its new way, since then full of beauty and art. 

Having transformed devastation into idyl, di Suvero launched his opening exhibition in 1986. Since then, for over 30 years, the park has been the stage for numerous artists. The peculiarity of this outdoor museum is that it is not still art: it is an experiment in progress as artists continue the process of creation in the very presence of already existing artworks. 

Apart from art exhibitions, the area makes home for an outdoor cinema, festivals and markets. So, even if you are not keen on modern art, you can easily find something that is shape of your heart.

As Socrates is situated on an island, it gives a perfect opportunity to view art in isolation. But except for being an open air museum, it is a wonderful and peaceful park. The location is perfect for joggers, beachgoers or dog walkers. The park also offers free kayaking and canoeing. Last but not least: breathtaking Manhattan skyline. It leaves no one untouched. 

Admission to the park and all of exhibitions are free.

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