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Museum of Sex in Manhattan, New York City

In case you always wanted to know how gay dolphins get laid.

Definitely the most controversial art institution in NYC, the Museum of Sex is a magnet for all eccentricity-seekers. But can anything be more natural than sex, though?

MoSex offers a scholarly approach towards the concept of human sexuality. It investigates the ideas of taboo and censorship, unveiling them by the mere fact of the museum's existence. Already celebrated exhibits include Sex Among the Lotus: 2500 Years of Chinese Erotic Obsession; Vamps & Virgins: The Evolution of American Pinup Photography 1860-1960; Men Without Suits: Objectifying the American Male Body... 

Sounds quite complicated, doesn't it? Don't be shy: you can always go for a gift in the museum's sex shop or a have a "Jump for Joy" in a bouncy boob house. Or just walk along the exhibits and staaaare. 

P.S. Before you enter, be sure you are 18 or older. This rule is strict.

P.P.S. No, you CANNOT have sex in the Museum of Sex (though some people boast they had a night in the museum).

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