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MoMath - The Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan, New York City

Did you know that math can be exciting? MoMath is a place to check it out.

The unique museum dedicated to mathematics in the US, the MoMath offers an easy-going view at this complicated science. Actually, this institution exists to prove that math can rock.

The main perk of National Museum of Mathematics is that it's interactive. Game has always been the best way to involve children (and older children) into something seemingly boring. In MoMath you can ride a square-wheeled tricycle, play basketball with a robot and paint patterns on a digital screen. When you suddenly realize all that was math, you feel confused but ready to become a new Pythagoras.

Very hands-on and immersive, MoMath makes a nice change from arty museums that are plenty in Manhattan. Except exhibits, it offers public talks with interesting people (e.g. astronauts) and even birthday parties.

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