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Mmuseumm in Manhattan, New York City

Probably the tiniest New York museum. Ehmm, sorry, mmuseumm.

In a back alley where you expect to be mugged you suddenly come across probably the smallest art exhibition in New York City. The Mmuseumm was created by two brothers and a friend of theirs in 2012 to celebrate the ordinary. They put the simplest things - like cornflake boxes and toothpaste tubes - in a former freight elevator shaft. And it worked.

A tiny project soon grew popular, and in 2015 they opened the second Mmuseumm wing, a couple of doors down the same street. In 2018, they also inaugurated (that's the word, the pomp was great) a café next to the Mmuseumm 1. Both exhibitions can be viewed inside at daytime and 24/7 through the windows. By the way, the array of oddities changes every year so you can enter the elevator over and over again.

Along with modern day artifacts there are items with a story behind. For example, once they displayed the shoe that was thrown at then President George W. Bush at the Prime Minister's Palace in Baghdad. To explore curious fact like this you may want to use the audio guide. It is free (as well as the entrance), but a small donation is appreciated.

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