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The Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, New York City

The latest home to the jazz legend and his wife pays tribute to Armstrong's contribution on the world of music and, in the same time, lets viewers peek into the intimate life of the couple.

Away from the beaten tourist path there is a nice museum dedicated to the life and music of Louis Armstrong. Most world-famous jazzman lived in that modest place with his wife, Lucille, from 1943 till his death in 1971. Time seems to have stopped here as the house looks like it has been just abandoned by his dwellers.

Today, the Louis Armstrong House Museum is open to the public, offering guided tours of Louis’s longtime home. Exhibition will excite interest not only in jazz fans but also in anyone interested in history. Armstrong's homemade recordings played during the tours will enrich the experience and bring special pleasure to the jazz legend fans.

After the tour visitors may have rest in the Armstrongs’ beautiful Japanese-inspired garden.

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