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Life Underground in New York City

A subway exhibition - almost street art, but under the ground.

Dozens of tiny bronze creatures live under the ground. Cute dwarfies with money bag heads peep out the columns, hug the walls or quietly sit on benches. It is not a bronzified Middle-earth, it is a subway art installation by American sculptor Tom Otterness.

In the 14th Street – Eighth Avenue station passerbys can't but come across a neat man holding a moneybag as a train passes by. Or a fare evader trying to squeeze under the fence but awaited for by a policeman. Or a 100% hit - a sewer alligator biting a man while another man (his friend?) stays by as if saying "I've told you!" The latest is a tribute to a famous city legend of NYC.

The images are both acidly satirical and sweetly cute - and this ambivalence is actually the thing that makes them so attractive. 

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