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Lexington Candy Shop in Manhattan, New York City

address: 1226 Lexington Avenue at 83rd Street NY, NY 10028

hours: M-F 7am –7pm
Sat 8am -7pm
Sun 8am -6pm

A traditional American luncheonette opened back in 1925.

When you feel like having an authentic American breakfast and look for an ordinary diner, without any gloss of omnipresent Starbucks and Le Pain Quotidien, there is an amazing spot for you at Upper East Side: Lexington Candy Shop. A traditional luncheonette serves egg creams and tuna melts (not necessarily together though) as if it's 1940s. 

Opened in 1925 and last renovated in 1948, Lexington Candy Shop brings us to the sock hop times of cheap and cozy cafeterias. Except for the nostalgic and friendly atmosphere, visitors most appreciate the size of portions. Imagine, they'll give you an XL orange juice in a giant Coke glass! If it seems too much, you can always split it into two smaller glasses. 

Food is also plain as in good old days. A bunch of pancakes, a huge sandwich oozing with sauce, a cup of coffee from an original urn, malted milkshakes as they should be - enormous and delicious... And, of course, soda with real syrup. Like it used to be when you (or your parents) were little.

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