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Kykuit in Pocantico Hills, New York

A home to four generations of the Rockefeller family - as luxurious and noble as his owners.

Kykuit, also known as the John D. Rockefeller Estate, is a luxurious mansion in a small hamlet of Pocantico Hills, just in 40 minutes on train from Grand Central. It was constructed in 1913 for the patriarch of Rockefeller family, the almighty founder of the Standard Oil Company. Later on, it became the home of his son, philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr., and grandson, Nelson A. Rockefeller, four-time governor of New York and vice president under Gerald Ford.

The gorgeous villa was designed in the style of Beaux Arts. Both its exterior and interior remind of classical palaces of the old times. First-floor living spaces were designed by Ogden Codman Jr., then America’s leading interior decorator. They contain excellent examples of 18th century-style furniture, as well as Asian ceramics. Apart from this, there is an eminent art gallery on the ground floor - heritage of Nelson A. Rockefeller. The magnificent gardens in Italian style comprise numbers of fountains, pavilions and paths that are so pleasant to walk through.

Today, Kykuit serves as a museum and is open to public. It highlights the lives of Rockefeller family and their contributions to philanthropy, conservation, business, government, and the arts.

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