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The IAC Building in Manhattan, New York City

An giant ice cream cake or an ocean liner? A notorious structure by iconic Frank Gehry.

Headquarters for the business giant InterActiveCorp is probably the most beautiful office building in New York City - or at least most remarkable. Completed in 2007, it became the first work by the world-famous postmodern architect Frank Gehry. It is him who designed Dancing House in Prague, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and many other outstanding building around the world.

The IAC Building is not extremely brave in form and even quite harmonious for a deconstructivist work. Smooth lines descending from atop to the ground remind of a melting iceberg or a giant cake. And looking at the structure from the bay, one can't but notice its resemblance to an ocean liner.

Semi-transparent windows compose a glass bee hive, with a second bundle of lesser diameter sitting on top of the first - so that ten storeys make an impression of two giant ones. As for the interior, it is a space made for the workers to be in an open atmosphere - a special wish of the head of IAC.

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