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Gulliver’s Gate in Manhattan, New York City

A whole new world full of tiny things that make to large impressions.

Have you ever wished to become Gulliver at a voyage to Lilliput? If so, Gulliver’s Gate is the way to find this wonderful land in the very heart of New York City. A high technologically advanced museum is situated at the famous Times Square. From this iconic place, you are about to be teleported to one of 25 cities from 5 continents.

This interactive Museum of Miniatures is of course a must for children, though adults will appreciate it, too. Just imagine: you are in China - and right away you move to Mexico. 5 more minutes - and you are in Russia, shivering from cold. Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Great Wall of China, St. Basil's Cathedral stand back-to-back in 5.000 square feet of this unique museum. And what about a temptation to change the landscape? Build houses and plant trees right there! (And look after your children).

Upon admission, you will be given a special key showing you hidden gems of the exhibit. So you will be able to wave the Queen at Wembley Stadium, watch Santa fly out from around a mountain - and dozens more of fun things.

If you can't afford a trip to Asia or Middle East, visit Gulliver's Gate. And if you've already been to those places, it is a perfect chance to refresh your memories.

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