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Goldbar in Lower Manhattan, New York City

Wanna see some real Manhattan-style luxury? It's Goldbar, babe: gold skulls, gold ceiling, gold cocktails.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the most glittering bar in Manhattan - Goldbar. It is a place to roll in gold. It means, sit on gold, look at gold, and drink gold. 

An intimate venue that fits 150 people is most famous for the gold-skulled walls. Nobody knows for sure if these crania are real; at least, the look quite realistic. To reach the highest point of splendor you should just look above (while sitting on a dark burgundy couch and drinking from a golden glass) - and in the vaulted gold leaf ceilings you will see the chic shimmering chandeliers. Those would do for a small opera theater, if you wish.

Of course, the spirits' running theme is gold as well. Cocktails' ingredients frequently contain champagne, bourbon, lemon juice, honey and ginger syrup, soda... We hope you've caught the point.

To step into the world of lush and to dance your head off to the cutting-edge music by top DJs, you should pass the Cerberus of a bouncer. You never thought entering the hell gold gate would be easy, did you? To increase the chances gents should choose something classy, like oxfords + dress shirts + dark denim. As for ladies... better pick a sexy dress + high heels. Cause even Cerberus is only a man.

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