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Flatiron in Manhattan, New York City

One of the most recognizable NYC skyscrapers that looks like an iron or a very narrow and tall piece of pie.

Believe it or not, but in the very heart of Manhattan stands an enormous clothes iron. One may think it was left there by some giant from a fairy-tale. Still, it is handmade, constructed by ordinary people just a century ago. 

The Flatiron Building is a 22-story, 87 m tall skyscraper. Its construction provoked pure panic in the 1900s. Just imagine: a narrow steel triangular was growing higher and higher in full public view until it pierced the sky. The iron-like skeleton appeared at the intersection of two streets, where the wind was extremely strong. Critics feared it would fall down and kill hundreds in and outside. Luckily, it was strengthened and stabilized properly, so it didn't - so far.

The building was originally called the Fuller Building under the name of George A. Fuller whose company first owned the skyscraper. But locals insisted on calling it "The Flatiron" since it resembled one loads. Shortly after this name became official.

Today, the Flatiron is among the most-instagrammed NYC spots. Some people claim that this stingy tower is the most photographed building in the world. Inside, it is a functioning office building. Over the century it housed publishers, an insurance company, small businesses, and the crime syndicate. Today its tenants include publishing businesses and a few shops on the ground floor. 

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