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Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan, New York City

Don't miss a chance to see 5% of world's gold live!

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York keeps an incredible amount of money. Can you imagine 7,000 metric tons of gold? Yes, that's really a lot, and you can see this Eldorado in person - and totally free of charge!

The Fed is that generous as to offer free tours to its sancta sanctorum - the Golden Vault. It looks exactly like such chambers are usually portrayed in cinematography. Deep underground (80 feet below Manhattan), behind the steel-and-concrete entrance that opens with the 90-ton steel cylinder there are loads (LOOOOAAADS) of golden bars standing one upon the other. When you see this treasure it is really hard not to break away from the guide's arms and rush into, swimming ang grabbing in Scrooge McDuck style. But keep cool, you don't wanna end up your tour in a jail or mental house, do you?

Except for satisfying your inner dwarf, during the guided tour you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve. Moreover, you will have a great chance to observe the beautiful building of the Federal Reserve Bank which is usually closed for public. In the end, you will be given a small present - unfortunately, worthless.

NB: be sure to have reserved the free tour in advance. Booking is possible online 30 days prior to your visit. Don't forget to print your ticket. Space is limited, the maximum number of visitors is 25 per tour.

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