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Evolution Nature Store in Greenwich Village, New York City

A museum you can shop in.

This store in Lower Manhattan seems to have leaped from the pages of a fantasy book. Dried shellfish, mounted butterflies, pinned insects and even full-scale human skeletons hit the eye of a newcomer from every single corner. 

Is it a shop or more of a museum? Even staff members doubt. On the one hand, they do sell goods there (though at a quite high price), but many visitors come just to stare (nobody objects). On the other hand, Evolution Nature Store is better than a museum because here you can touch and even purchase any exhibit. Even, for instance, a real skunk skull.

The store authorities claim that all the items are obtained legally and are licensed to be sold in New York State. A wise disclaimer as once they were accused of transporting real human fetuses. (In fact, they did transport them, but it was legal. Somehow.)

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