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AKC Museum of the Dog in Manhattan, New York City

Bow-wow before the man's best friend upon discovering one of the largest canine-related collections in the world.

A place to celebrate our beloved good boys & girls has opened in midtown Manhattan. We're referring to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Museum of the Dog, the newest institution on BPark Avenue that can boast of almost the largest canine-related art collection in the world. All out of love for dogs. 

For the past 30 years, paintings, sculptures, and figurines of fluffy tails and funny ears have been displayed outside NYC, namely in St. Louis, Missouri. Now the museum has moved to the never-sleeping city in order to show its treasures to a larger audience.

And this audience is already thrilled. Among the objects showcased in New York City are, for instance, a 2000-year dog paw print, a giant wire dog sculpture hanging at the ceiling, a dog-pulled cart from the Victorian era, and dog images made in all possible techniques: oil-and-canvas, marble, bronze... In addition, visitors can entertain themselves at digital kiosks where they can find out which dog breed they look like. 

The Dog is the God of the museum, but God is not supposed to be seen in person (until we are in heaven, you know). So unfortunately you cannot take your real furry companions to the exhibit. As a vague substitute here is a virtual Labrador puppy for you, ready to be petted, fed and thrown a ball to.

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