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Stuff yourself with an enormous ice-cream

Time to gorge with 21 scoops in a row.

Let's take for granted you love ice cream. Everybody loves ice cream. But how much balls can you eat at a whack?

Two? Three? Five?

And what about TWENTY-ONE?!

A multi-colored cone bouquet is served at Stuffed Ice Cream NYC, a sweet-tooth eldorado at East Village. This young and ambitious shop is mostly famous with its drool-inducing doughnut-stuffed ice cream sandwiches. Yes, basically it's your fave Big Mac but sweet inside. They call them "cruffs", from "crusty doughnuts stuffed with ice cream". Just look at these flavors: Cereal Killer (fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch), Matcha Ma Call It (green tea and black sesame with condensed milk), Cookie Road (cookies, Oreos and chocolate syrup)... Yum-yum!

As for the bouquets, people at Stuffed Ice Cream NYC have started to tempt customers with them just recently. These super-instagrammable monsters can hold 7 or 21 scoops, depending on how hungry you are. But don't be greedy, share it with your friends! Better a full bunch of them. And if you (and your gang) feel cold after this ice cream bomb, get warm with a 20-pound cup of hot chocolate - in case you prefer big size.

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