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Name a roach after your ex for Valentine's Day

V for Valentine or for vengeance? You decide.

Feeling that flowers & chocolate are commonplace? Well, the Bronx Zoo has a... peculiar gift fust for the date. You can give a name to a Madagascar hissing cockroach and show your sweetheart your eternal love.

All you need is to fill in a special form on the Bronx Zoo website along with the name, pay $15 and voilà - you have a certificate to keep and / or share. It is going to be emailed to you or directly to your roach's namesake.

But hush: don't send it unless you are sure you S. O. has a good sense of humour! Or this is very likely to be your last present. Actually, people more frequently prefer to name the roaches after the people they are not very much fond of: e.g. exes or annoying bosses. Very satisfying, they say. 

Backing this hell of a joke is a nature-friendly idea of donating to save wildlife and wild places.

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