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A 20-pound cup of hot chocolate (for those who are freezing)

But don't be greedy, share it with 21 friends.

When it's so chilly and unpleasant outside, one can't but dreams about a cup of hot chocolate. Sometimes you'd swim in a warm bath of it - instead of heading towards subway against cold wind. Well, there's no bath of chocolate for you, but we've got something better: a huge cup of it to drink with your friends. Meaning, really huge. Weighing 20 pounds.

The beverage offered by PHD Terrace, a luxe rooftop lounge at the Dream Midtown hotel in New York City, is in fact more bittersweet than too sugary, and that's got a reason. Yes, they put alcohol inside. The type of booze you choose pre-order: it's tequila, mescal, cognac or whiskey. As for the other components, they include dark and milk chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream and spicy cocoa powder. 

To indulge in this luxury will cost you $375. That's a lot, so share the load with your friends - 21 advisably. The offer is available from Jan. 31 through Feb. 14 - but we afraid for the Valentine's Day the experience would be overbooked. In any day, it's recommended you order two days in advance.


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