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Museums & Exhibitions in New York City

New York can be proudly called the city of art. There are several hundreds of museums and galleries in all boroughs of NYC. Be it Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island — one can easily find a place to be up to date with the latest art news or to enjoy the good old collection of an always-to-be museum. 

To not get lost in the picturesque world of New York City art institutions, it is a good idea to check our event calendar. Gallery openings, Q&As with artists, festivals, long-running exhibits and pop-ups — all this stuff is part of our agenda. And will become the part of yours.

Among the genres we offer are classical painting, drawing, sculptures, decorative arts, photography, design, fashion and floristics... All in all, you can find literally everything. And even more.

Take your children, mom or fiance — and have a piece of art. Today, tomorrow or this weekend. 


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