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The best things to do outside this winter in NYC

Winter sports or lazy walks - what do you prefer?

It's getting quite cold outside (even The Bryant Park Fountain froze), but it's no reason to stay home these days. There are plenty of fun things to do outside NYC this winter! Here is a top-5 for you. The best of the best.

1. Take a stroll in a solitary New York Botanical Garden

Not all of the plants are evergreen there, still, all of them look amazing when covered with snow. Take a tram tour or explore all the greenery (whitery?) on foot. An unhurried walk under the trees that saw the American Revolution accompanied with a birdwatch is a perfect idea to start with. If it feels too chilly, get warm inside the greenhouse.

2. Observe the city from above at the High Line

If you are not afraid of height (and frost), then the High Line is just for you. It became iconic for its against-all images of weeds oozing through the stone and steel of an old railroad. The wildlife las been tamed since then, and now it is a pleasant public park - nothing special but a bit above the city. So spectacular views come without question. By the way, the site can boast of a variety of winter-blooming trees and shrubs that colorify the sometimes dull and pallid winter face of the Big Apple. 

3. Find out how slippery the ice is at Rockefeller Center

The outdoor ice rinks are numerous in New York City, but the one at Rockefeller Center is a must. Twirling round the massive Christmas tree while holding a hand of your beloved one is unforgettable. When the tree is gone, but love is not, it is still something very-very special. Loners are also welcome, for sure: maybe you're gonna skate across your fate right there? 

4. Sled down the Pilgrim Hill in Central Park

Another way to move your body this winter is to feel the speed on the way down the Pilgrim Hill. Take your sledge, friends and/or children and reach the top of the hill - to very soon reach its bottom. But before be ready to stay in a long line, even early in the morning, cause, you know, you are not the only one that smart. Enter at 72nd St and Fifth Ave. 

5. Build a snowman

Yes, that easy, but at least not dangerous like the previous one. Some of public parks lawns are closed during winter months (let them rest), but the area officials open them for public when there is more than six inches of snow on the ground. So it is a wonderful opportunity to feel you're a kid again. Don't forget the carrot!

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