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The top-5 of NYC rooftop bars open during the winter

Just as stunning and warm as in summer.

The roofs are supposed to be visited in summer or least spring/fall months, when it's not so frigging freezing outside. Still, if you cannot without a view of NYC skyline, there are rooftop bars that continue to be on the top even during colder times. And they will keep you warm, we assure. Or, to put it more precisely, hot.

1. Le Bain

Situated on the top floor of the Standard, High Line, this penthouse discothèque boasts of two levels, both with stunning cityviews. February hints at choosing the lower one, with floor-to-ceiling windows and... a Jacuzzi. In case you forgot your swimsuit, there are vending machines inside. Anyway, don't just pop in wearing only a bikini: you might not pass the fc. 

2. The Water Tower

Designed to look like a real water tower, this swanky spot is frequented by models and influencers. Frankly speaking, the venue is super-exclusive, with 45 seats only and very little chance to come in without pre-booking. Glass panels offer a stunning Manhattan view, while the opposite walls are covered with pretty odd pop art pictures. The bar itself is quite tiny and tucked away in the corner, but if they mix up a $150 cocktail there, does the size matter?

3. Ophelia

The bar on the 26th floor of Beekman Tower is a hedonist shelter with soaring semi-gothic windows and vintage oddities on the shelves. Sit on the plush velvet couch, drink some vodka-containing cocktail and never dream on Ophelia's fate. Better enjoy the views (hey are gorgeous).

4. Jimmy at the JAMES

The bar on the 18th floor of The James Hotel in Soho is a year-round destination that offers the guests two options: either a roof deck (in summer) or an enclosed freeform lounge area (when it's getting colder). And when it's REALLY cold, you can get warm near the fireplace. In any ways, the atmosphere is intimate and refined here, and romantic as well - thanks to large windows with panoramic views of Midtown, Wall Street, the Hudson River, and the bridges spanning the East River.

5. 230 FIfth

Yeah, here are igloos for you! Transparent and with a perfect vista at Empire State Building and a dozen more skyscrapers. The roofdeck is truly spacious and invites no less than 500 night owls. Nevertheless, be prepared to stand a huge line as the place is really popular. 


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