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Free events in New York City

A pretty good piece of entertainment is definitely worth paying a load. But everybody is always happy to escape the duty of being charged. Here are some ways to keep your moneybag heavy: free events in New York City. 

  • Museums

Most museums in NYC do charge admissions. Sad but true: they are sensible. To be honest, to attend  a new trendy exhibition with your beloved ones is beyond the limits for many middle-classers. And that's despite the fact that visiting museums is one of the best things to do in New York with kids one can imagine. But hurray: there are free days in some museums! Just save the dates. Other institutions are not that generous: they have not free days but free... hours. Normally closer to the night. 

Moreover, everybody should know about the Night at the Museums. Every June there are several hours when you can see art absolutely for free - rain or (moon)shine.

Then, there are donations. Many museums admit visitors on a pay-what-you-want basis - if not every day, then on certain days weekly or monthly. It means you may pay any sum - from zero to a billion dollars. Strange though it may seem, but in spite the fact that most visitors choose "0" option, museums survive. Anyway.  

  • Festivals.

Festivals that flourish in New York City frequently have no entrance fee. Nevertheless, some fest activities still require payment. Those can include merry-go-rounds for children, different contests, certain performances and of course goods sold at fairs and alimentation at food trucks. Be ready and take with you some money.

  • Parks.

Having a walk is normally still free ;). Why not do it in a park? You never knew, but there are about 1.500 green zones in New York City. And having a stroll is not the only activity available there. Free concerts, yoga and jogging, festivals, eco tours, art & craft exhibitions... and many more. From Queens to Bronx, from Central Park to the smallest playground in Staten Island - everybody can choose a place to entertain without a fee. 

  • Monuments and attractions.

A logical addition to the previous point: nobody will charge you for observing the Statue of Liberty. (From a distance). Monuments, statues, installations please the eye every here and there. Enjoy them for free. 

  • Movies.

Free movie screenings take place every summer in all five boroughs of New York. Amazing views, like Manhattan skyline, cherish the eye along with the gems of cinematography. Special screenings usually mean special films: it is classics. But some premieres come to the rooftops, too. Imagine hugging your beloved one in a comfy deck chair under the deep late-summer sky, sipping a glass of wine... Well, wine is unlikely to be free. But if they try to charge you for a blanket - laugh in their faces and wrap yourself in a scarf.

  • TV show tapings.

We saved you the best for last. Wanna be a TV star? Well, that would be too good to be true, especially free of charge. But to come into the spotlight for a second or two is highly possible! And even if you do not get your minute of fame, you will have a chance to see in person all those TV stars! This delicacy is possible at TV show tapings. Most of them are free, but you will have to apply in advance / win a lottery / stand in long a line. Difficult, but real. 


Enjoy and use our lifehack list and keep it going for free!

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