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Film & TV in New York City

Hey there, right here we're gonna get the lowdown on movie agenda of New York City.


((on every movie theater, including what movies are playing as well as show times. For many theaters and movies we offer online ticketing. Just click on the movie time link!))

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Wanna be a TV star? Well, that would be too good to be true, especially free of charge. But to come into the spotlight for a second or two is highly possible! And even if you do not get your minute of fame, you will have a chance to see in person all those TV stars! This delicacy is possible at TV show tapings. Most of them are free, but you will have to apply in advance / win a lottery / stand in long a line. Difficult, but real. 

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((get the lowdown on smb / smth - выложить всю подноготную))

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