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Festivals in New York City

Welcome to the best festival guide of New York City. Here you can easily find seasonal fest calendar or just make plans for a weekend. Be it a music festival, book fair or fashion show - one will always know all details and buy tickets for a festival of his or her dream. By the way, free events are part of our agenda, too. 

Music festivals are usually overcrowded, but nevermind, it may be the point. And... you'll forget it all when you hear the music. Various, exuberant, precious. LIVE. All genres: rock, pop, ethnic, techno, electro, rap, indie and many, many more. It may seem hard to navigate in such a diversity... Give us your hand, we will show you the way.

For movie-addicts it's always a good idea to attend a film festival. Yes, sometimes it's a VIP-only event, but anyone can have a chance to shoot a glance at the stars. As for less sky-oriented festivals, we will eagerly provide you with timetable and prices so you can watch as many movies as you can. 

If you are in search of unrestrained fun, sparkling parades and reckless carnivals are to be found here (yes, directly on these pages!) as well. Don't know where to leave your children? Take them with you and pass over fair stands, listen to music bands and try delicious food. 

Food can be the queen of a festival, too! It's always been one of the most beloved monarchs. To be honest, it has only one rival: beer festivals. Remember Oktoberfest, foam and curves... oops! The fans of healthy lifestyle can always choose a sport fest and run a marathon. Or a sprint.

Not only street festivals attract our (and your) attention. We entertained you outdoors - so will we do indoors. Craft and art fairs, farmer's markets move under the roof when it's getting colder. Visitors normally follow. 


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