WINNER in New York City

K-pop stars to set the Big Apple on fire!

Rarely do idol-show winners make it to big success in a post-on-air life. South Korean WINNER is a lucky exception. But it isn't just luck, though.

This extremely talented bunch of young men have been working hard since 2013, when they stole the show on Korean TV. A year later, they made a debut on home stage and, a month later, in Japan. After that, an award-shower fell on them, and, what is more valuable, public love as well. And it is hot. In 2017, their music video REALLY REALLY surpassed the 100 million views mark on YouTube. WINNER then became the first ever male idol group in history to reach this mark.

Now Mino, Seunghoon, Jinwoo, and Seungyoon have 1,4 million followers on Instagram. The fans are active and loving, and the boys do deserve it. People say they sound terrific live ('just as album'), and that is what they have proved during numerous performances in Asia. Now WINNER are on their way to international success, and North America tour is going to be a great challenge to overcome.



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