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Live Music from Twin Peaks + the Films of Wes Anderson @ Symphony Space, New York City

Red Room Orchestra bringing to life diamond hits from brilliant movies in two back-to-back evenings.

For two days in a row San Francisco’s Red Room Orchestra is to recreate soundtracks and score selection from the dark-red David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” universe (Feb 15) and the vibrant and versatile world of Wes Anderson (Feb 16). 

Both performances will feature the “creme de la creme” of session musicians, known for their collab with such stars as Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, and New Klezmer Trio. The main string-puller (who is better with Keyboard but doesn't mind a bass guitar, too) is Marc Capelle. A San Francisco born multiinstrumentalist, he was the one who occasionally played a piece of music from “Twin Peaks” while performing at a local club in 2017. Suddenly this was noticed and casually led for the Red Room Orchestra to be born. 

It is the first outside-the-Bay tour of this young and ever-refreshing collective (bear in mind it's composed of session musicians), and they did prepare true delicatessen.

On Friday night it's Angelo Badalamenti’s spooky score from the cult David Lynch's show. To add to the atmosphere the audience is encouraged to dress up the show-style, meaning, yes, wrapping yourself in plastic like poor Laura Palmer (for instance). The costume part is not obligatory but they will buy you the right to take part in a dance contest. 

Saturday night is going to be less eerily but not less satisfying for melomaniacs. Film director Wes Anderson who's king of that night is known for his wonderful music taste. The Red Room Orchestra promises to combine the original score cues from Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and Isle of Dogs with their soundtrack songs. And this is going to be nuts, as they belong to the widest array of music genres one can imagine. 



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