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The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn Expo Center, New York City

A brilliant platform to discover emerging talents and start your own art collection.

Twice a year more than a hundred emerging artists gather at Greenpoint's Brooklyn Expo Center to set it on fire of creativity and inspiration. This art fair is the best place for young talents to present themselves and for art collectors - to open new names. 

The quality of art showcased is guaranteed by the expert committee who pick it carefully out of thousands of applications sent from all over US and abroad. 

The Other Art Fair is a delight for any taste and pocket. It presents artists working across a range of styles and genres,including sculpture, paintings, photography and more. The starting price for the artworks is $100. 

If you don’t wanna make a purchase, you can still be involved. The Other Art Fair offers a number of immersive activities, including interactive art installations, 3D printing, virtual reality, restaurant and bar pop ups and much more. 


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