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Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park, New York City

See top-notch performances featuring most beloved actors and pay nothing but respect.

Year by year, Shakespeare in the Park makes a fabulous present for dwellers of all five boroughs as well as strangers to the city by showing the best pieces of world stage for free. The Bard's plays compose the significant part of repertoire (mind the event's title); still, such names as Anton Chekhov, Bertolt Brecht, and even Walt Disney (weird though it may seem) do associate with the marvel of open-air Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

Among brightest stars ever taken part in Shakespeare in the Park were Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and Kevin Kline. Of course, this list extends much further. And what is most amazing about this festival, you are given an opportunity to try this delicacy without paying a cent. But, as you can clearly understand, to obtain those free tickets is quite a challenge.

There are currently 5 ways to get Shakespeare in the Park tickets. They include:

  1. digital lottery;
  2. waiting on line offline (pun intended) - at the Delacorte Theater;
  3. in-person lottery at the Public Theater in the East Village;
  4. in-person lines at some pre-announced locations around the NYC;
  5. last chance: stand-by at the Delacorte Theater just before show time.

If you do not succeed to get one of only 1,800 tickets, just have a walk around the Central Park (sorry, but it's lovely itself). And remember, each play is performed roughly 30 times throughout the season. So maybe next day will be your day?


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