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OHNY - Open House New York Weekend

A unique chance to visit usually off-limits New York locations.

Open House New York Weekend is a unique opportunity to sneak into the most secret corners of the Big Apple. Held every year, this big event engages New Yorkers and tourists in the city's architecture, design, and landmarks. 

Founded in 2001 as an open platform to celebrate New York civic life, OHNY became a true counteractive force, one that helped people move to openness as a contrast to the fear followed the September 11 events. Two years later, in 2003, was held the first Open House New York Weekend.

The idea of OHNY is to provide an open access to the places which normally keep closed. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to have a look at buildings and public space from the point of view of designer and architect community. The list of destinations changes from year to year, but among those once unveiled are, for instance, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Governors Island Officers Club, Mmuseumm, and Dime Savings Bank. The 2018 list included 250 locations in all 5 boroughs of New York City. 

A two- or three-day event is attended by more than 85,000 visitors each year. This could never have been possible if it was not for the help of more than 1,200 volunteers. Of much importance is also the collaboration with over 400 arts and cultural organizations, city agencies, architecture firms and others.


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