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OktoberFest in New York City

Beer rivers, wider than a mile...

...Forget this romantic rubbish. We're here to booze and riot! It's OktoberFest, babe!

To make the enjoyment full - live concerts and eye-catching views. There's no better place to drink beer than in a port. So welcome to Pier 15 - unless you're lucky enough to have bought tickets to Munich.

The attendance is free, but you'll be charged for food and beverages. 


What:      OktoberFest NYC

Where:    Watermark Bar, Pier 15, New York City 

When:      Thu, Sep 13th, 12:00pm — Sun, Sep 16th, 12:00pm

                 Thu, Sep 20th, 12:00pm — Sun, Sep 23rd, 12:00pm

                 Thu, Sep 27th, 12:00pm — Sun, Sep 30th, 12:00pm

                 Thu, Oct 4th, 12:00pm — Sun, Oct 7th, 12:00pm


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