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New York City Marathon

Breathtaking experience for both athletes and audience.

It's first Sunday of November - time to run a marathon! If you can and dare.

You will have 26.2 miles and plenty of time to run through all the five boroughs of New York City. The journey starts on Staten Island, then you hit Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, finishing in the iconic Central Park. The course may seem less exhausting if you look around to admire unique urban surroundings and sights. 

Though very positive and inspiring (funny costumes, crowd cheering your name, you giving everyone high fives), the marathon is no lazy morning jogging; it's really challenging, and you should train a lot to overcome it. Examine the topography (there are ups and downs); don’t run too quickly from the very beginning (to save energy); don't rely on your GPS watch (they probably won't work 'cause the signal won't be enough for thousands connected simultaneously). And nobody will stop you!

If you don't feel fit enough to run the New York City Marathon, you can still catch its vibes by watching the race as a spectator. Join millions who attend the event annually. Of course, you can always choose broadcast, but better watch it live. It's breathtaking.


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