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Macy’s Flower Show at Macy’s Herald Square, New York City

Advance spring with annual blooming extravaganza at Macy's.

We all want to hasten spring so badly. We dream of long walks in numerous NYC parks and gorgeous conservatory of Botanical Garden. Whilst the latter has already started the season with traditional Orchid Show, the parks are being slightly slow. So to feel the springtime is already on the threshold and cannot wait to burst at NYC streets visit annual flower madness at the Macy's.

Splendid bouquets, unimaginable compositions and exquisite sprouts come up amidst retail environment as if out of nowhere. In fact, all this Garden of Eden is fruit of months-long preparation. Flowers, bushes, and trees grow under careful surveillance in Long Island, where there is a greenhouse operated by the company.

The most challenging is to make all the plants in their rich diversity bloom at the same - and very special - time. The gardeners in charge always have to vary temperatures so that all the capricious get what they want - and then give  us what we want. And that's Beauty. 

Macy’s Flower Show flocks the iconic store in late March-early April and is absolutely free. Because the beauty is priceless.


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