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The Lion King on Broadway (Minskoff Theatre), New York City

It's a shame to not have seen Broadway's third longest-running show in history. Come and see the pride of NYC now!

Everybody knows The Lion King is the most successful, all-awards-winning, highest-grossing and all-the-superlative-forms Broadway musical. But a boring list of this production's epic wins will scarcely convey all the thrill, majesty and inspiration this masterpiece brings to its spectators. 

It's been doing so since 1997. The musical opened on Broadway only 3 years after its iconic animated predecessor was born and shown. The glorious African-rooted score written by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice has moved from the film on stage, making the play truly one of its kind. But what about us animals? Did they crowd the stage with savanna predators (and preys)? 

Sounds tempting, but no thank you. Instead, the production team used bright and catchy costumes, colorful make up... and puppets. The cutting-edge visual effects add to the picture, so the actors sometimes even do not seem anthropomorphic anymore. You do believe it's Lion Mufasa singing to his young son, and not just dressed up men having some kind of weird fun. And when all these flocks of birds, long-necked giraffes and graceful gazelles surround you, you easily forget who and where you are and grow eager to join the Circle of Life.


Feb 28, 2019 07:00 pm - Dec 31, 2029 10:00 pm

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