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Harry Potter: A History of Magic at the New York Historical Society

A must for Harry Potter fans and magic geeks.

After a triumph in London, the British Library exhibit "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" has moved its treasures to the New York Historical Society. A must for every saga fan, the show offers an experience far beyond pure observing of books/films-related items. Curated by true scientists, it provides visitors with a look at interpenetration of "Harry Potter" universe and real life and placing the series in the tradition of global fantasy and magical literature.

At the entrance, you come across a giant steamer trunk - the very one that carried the first author-signed copy of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" in its voyage through the US. A bit further, there's a wall featuring the work of different book illustrators. You can see the art of Jim Kay, Mary GrandPré, Kazu Kibuishi, and Brian Selznick. 

The exhibit itself is organized in a Hogwarts-like style, with each hall dedicated to one or another magic class. Inside, you will see flying books and broomsticks, magical herbs and even invisibility cloak (how, you can't see it, muggle?!) Moreover, throughout the exhibit there are Rowling's notes and drafts (something fans would appreciate the most).

In the heart of this cornucopia you will observe fantastic creatures from all over the world that inspired Rowling for the book (a real unicorn horn among them). There is also an interactive part: in the divination room, there's a tarot card game you can actually play. Last but not least - a display of costumes from "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child".

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