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The Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall's Island, New York City

Music, food, games and pranks - all you like (and maybe do not like, but who cares, you are on an island).

The beginning of summer is the time for the East River bank to become home for trendiest music, most tempting food and badass activities and games. The Governor's Ball is one of the most beloved events of the Big Apple's residents that they usually start the season of summer music festivals with. 

First of all, it's all about music. Biggest names of today and tomorrow hit the stage of Gov Ball since 2011. The festival team claims that they no longer welcome applicants; instead, they select musicians by themselves, and try to do it thoroughly. So that not to be ashamed. Among the artists ever headlined the Ball are, for example, Kanye West, Guns N' Roses, Drake, Florence + The Machine, and Björk. You see the level now, don't you?

Steve Jobs once asked us to stay hungry and foolish. To fulfill the first of these commandments is not very easy at Gov Ball. Just imagine: dozens of food trucks full of waffles, ice cream burgers, tacos, steaks, matcha cocktails... If your mouth has not watered yet, have a look at pics below. Sorry.

As for the second Jobs' advice - the one of staying foolish - well, the fest team was pretty diligent. They like pranks (and do not care whether or not the audience is fond of them). Once they hired buskers to fear people on their way to the... restrooms. Those heartless people literally jumped out of the portable toilets and started to play the guitar. Or the horn. You come to music fest? Listen to some music, fella. 

Does not seem enough? OK, once you feel tired of jumping in front of stage, you can jump on a lawn. There are plenty of games to play, too. Soberball, mini golf, latex balls... If you are not a player, you can still have some fun taking a selfie in front of giant Gov Ball NYC lettering. But better not climb the letters, no matter how tempting it is. Above all, it's dangerous.

The Governors Ball is held rain or shine. It means, heavy shower is no excuse. So take your raincoats and sunscreens - because you never know. And don't forget to drink a lot of water: there are free potable fountains in the area. You will not want to stay dry. In any case, you can always use a bathroom. Unless you are afraid of mariachis.

Remember, the festival is held on an island. Getting there is possible via shuttle / ferry, or bike / foot (via 103rd Street Footbridge).


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