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Elton John in New York

Your last chance to see the rock'n'roll icon in person: he's saying "farewell" to tours.

Farewell seems to be the hardest word when the whole universe is begging you to think twice. But Sir Elton John is not the one to take his word back. He is positive about saying his final goodbye to the touring life. 

Yes, this is your last chance to grasp a sight and sound of this superstar live. His "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour consists of more 300 cutting-edge shows. This musical journey is going to last till 2021, embracing all five continents. Yet seems not enough for a farewell of such an iconic figure.

The new stage production will not only cover the entire half-a-century career but also introduce a brand-new sound technology. It will give you a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of live music wherever you are in a venue.

There are 5 gigs to go in New York announced so far, but the schedule is not complete yet, so we may hope for something more. But what if that's all? So better up and run for the tickets! There are yet some to catch. 

What:       Elton John: Farewell Yellow Brick Road

When & Where:     

05 MARCH 2019
Madison Square Garden

06 MARCH 2019
Madison Square Garden

08 MARCH 2019
Barclays Center

09 MARCH 2019
Barclays Center

16 NOVEMBER 2019
Nassau Coliseum



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