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Bars in New York City

New York being a non-sleeping city definitely has versatile nightlife. The culture of drinking has always been its integral part. To not be lost in the ocean of beverages, have a look at our guide to NYC bars and pubs. 

Have a beer after work, sip a couple of cocktails with friends or gossip over a glass of wine — everyone will find a way that suits his/her habits, mood and pocket. If you feel like having someting stronger — whisky, vodka or cognac, and one portion is not enough — the city is covered with bars where you can easily drink your head off. 

To be more precise, we will show you the map of drinking New York City. No borough will hide from our eye: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island — you can have a drink anywhere. You can search by neighborhood, too. Chinatown, Long Island, Soho, Chelsea, East & West Side, Gramercy, Harlem... Let's stop here, or we'll never end. 

Apart from booze, bars are visited to listen to cover- and tribute-bands, play a quiz and take part in open mic. To collect and share with you events calendar is what we like most of all. And yes, we also bear in mind that everybody likes happy hours.

NB: before stepping into the tempting vortex of mind-clouding alcohol world — be sure you are already 21. 

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