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Notting Hill Carnival in London

The biggest European street party, the Notting Hill Carnival every year brings together hundreds of thousands (and - recently - even millions) of people to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the UK capital. Not only members of British West Indian community (obvs) attend this vivid party: all Londoners and tourists as well feed their curiosity and hunger for fun at this parade. 

It is a place to enjoy a masquerade carnival and fantastic live music, including reggae, dub and salsa. There are also over 30 static sound systems, soca floats, steel bands and a whole lot of delicious Caribbean food.

The Carnival fills the streets of west London with Caribbean colours, music and flavours since 1960s. It is held in the end of August over two or three days (the August bank holiday Monday and the preceding Sunday and sometimes Saturday). The Sunday parade is also knows as Children's Day, when visitors with children are welcome to take part in the procession. On Monday parade, however, it is better to leave your offsprings at home. Due to the extreme popularity of the event your kids will not be totally safe on this day. 

The Notting Hill Carnival is overviewed by thousands of police officers. Anyway, be sure your neighbours prove to be peaceful and calm - as far as they can be in such a loud festival. In case of seeming danger try to get away from the main parade route and call for the authorities. 

The event is free.


What:        Notting Hill Carnival

Where:     Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill, London

                 Start: Great Western Road

                 End: Ladbroke Grove

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