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Nightlife in London

Be young, be brave. Dance your head off down Soho or drink quietly uptown. As you wish.

London is famous for its shimmering nightlife. To not get lost in the glittering vortex of clubs, bars and restaurants, you can always check up our ultimate guide to what's going on in London from dusk till dawn.

If dancing your head off in the trendiest downtown spots is something you do every weekend (or weekday), then our events calendar will help you to make yout nightlife rich and versatile. Best DJ sets, hottest go-go dancers and sharpest music shows at all the club stages are just waiting for you to come and enjoy.

A large variety of great London locations - from exclusive venues to all-welcome spots, from exquisite strictly face-controlled / dress-coded lounges to reckless all-gender places - can be seen on our pages. If you are up to rock it but still have no idea of where to go - down Soho or deep to the outskirts - then have a look at our London nightlife map to make the best choice.

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